7 Spring Cleaning Projects You Need to Do This Week

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Spring might almost be over but what better time to do a big clean out - before it gets too hot to do anything and Christmas takes over. Here's 7 extra home love Spring cleaning projects you may not have even thought of to get the jump on ASAP:

  1. SHINE UP YOUR JEWELS:  There's so many ways to get your bling to sing: shine cloth, sprays, brushing, soaking, or better still, take it to your jeweller for a professional sparkly clean. An oft overlooked job, you'll be grateful when next Spring Carnival rolls around and your best chandelier earrings still look brand new! Be sure to store your precious pieces away from dust and direct sunlight too btw. 
  2. CHECK YOUR BAGGAGE: Theses cases carry your treasures all around the world and considering how most of us tend to pack last minute, avoid any extra stress with the unfortunate and avoidable snag of a broken zipper or lock by doing a little maintenance now. I'm also a big believer in energy, so a little TLC for your luggage might just transfer some abundant vibes for the places you'll go and the goodies you take to and fro. Nice.
  3. BEAUTY BAG(S) STOCK TAKE: Clean, sort and corral supplies for your beauty travel case. Likewise, do a stock take of your bathroom beauty supplies - toss those out of date products; use up, gift, or add to your travel kit all the samples you've collected over time; cut open the products with only little bits left and stick 'use first' post if notes so the other half knows it too! Again, this stuff is majorly time, stress and money saving when you're packing in a hurry. 
  4. INVEST IN A PRO CARPET CLEAN: Seriously, get your carpets cleaned once a year - not only will they will instantly look newer and most of the time they'll be easier to vacuum, but imagine what you're not getting out of it with your standard hoover?! Eww. Erase. Erase!


5. CREATE A WRAPPING STATION: Sort and make a space in your home for gift wrapping, all it's accessories and seasonal decorations. Like me, you might only have the space for 1 shelf of it, but at least make it a tidy shelf. The ease of access to organised paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, cards and decorations cuts wastage on double ups of everything, last minute moments of panic and keeps things minimal because I can only buy what can fit in that space. Magic.

6. WASH YOUR WOOLIES: If you haven't done it already, now is the time to wash your woolies, dry them completely and store correctly for next season - that is, in a big zip bag or plastic container, maybe with a cedar ball or two thrown in to keep them fresh.  Come next winter your chilly self will thank you for thinking ahead so practically.

7. CORRAL YOUR CLEANING PRODUCTS: Get thee some cute containers - one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and the laundry and garage too - and feel like a domestic goddess with all your cleaning products on hand and organised. It sure makes for far less of a chore when you know where everything is, and again, keeps you from buying excess. It's also wise to do a use-by-date check at this point too, and add some Personal Protective Equipment like gloves, glasses, a mask and apron if needed....or just do an overhaul of the highly toxic products,swapping them out for something safer for you and your family.

(PS. Talking garages....even if you enjoy hand washing your car - I do - getting it professionally detailed at least once a year will keep it easier to clean. There's a LOT of hard to see and very icky areas in cars you are going to want dealt with, especially if you are using your vehicle every day. Why not drive in style, comfort and cleanliness, no matter how old your car ;))


What oft forgotten spring clean projects to do you do?
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