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SamanthaClark.com.au was born in the New Year of 2017 in celebration of the fresh start of a new location, new energy, and a newfound positivity that my life was indeed amazing. Heralding 2017 as the year of transformation, I knew it could only get better.

This year I am embracing all facets of my personality and talents, and am documenting through blogs and vlogs my journey of stepping fully into Myself. 

Stepping out our IT business in 2014 on my 30th birthday, I experienced a retirement of sorts that enabled me to dream again, and do what I want.

What I want is to unleash my creativity for designing a life I love and helping others to do the same.
Whether that's through health and beauty, fashion, interior design, travel or the beauty of words -

I wish to inspire deeply
lift others' confidence, and in turn my own
create spaces of beauty and be surrounded by it
explore incessantly the inner and outer worlds
and love fully and presently.




about samantha clark blogger


I am many things, so I do many things.


These passionate pursuits keep me entertained, challenged, rewarded, excited about life
and overjoyed at others excitement for what I have created or helped them to create.


Arbonne Consultant

I help people just like you live toxic free lives through safer products and a simple system of success....Read more 


Makeup Artist

I help people radiate their inner confidence on the outside, creating living art - accentuating and appreciating that beauty....Read more


Artist + Stylist

I create atmosphere and emotion through visual stories, canvas art, block prints, objet d'art and space shaping interiors....Read more




Business Consultant/Coach

I teach, train and mentor the driven to success in whatever shape that comes in for them - dropping bombs of truths along the way....Read more



I capture moments and memories and I get to make-believe - because I believe we all have a story and we all need a little magic....Read more