My Journey to RVP & the White Mercedes with Arbonne

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"Samantha Clark of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, had big dreams. People would often tell her to get back to reality, but Samantha realised that instead of giving up on her heart’s wish, something had to change for it to be made true."

My story begins at midnight New Year’s Eve, 2013. 2014 was my year, and I was claiming it so! Like many of us, I’m sure, I’d done that every year before. The difference that night was I knew it to be true. Something had to give. Something big had to change. And it did.

I’m pretty sure I drove everyone crazy with my “when I’m rich and famous” daydreams, and likewise other people drove me crazy by telling me to come back to reality and get real! From age 14, it wasn’t unusual for me to have three jobs at once and not feel fulfilled by any of them. As an artist, I felt that all these J.O.B.s were getting in the way of my creative life. Books I read reassured me that the “something better” I was looking for actually existed, but I clearly had more to learn first.

Fifteen years of this fish-out-of-water feeling got me to the point where a detox of my entire life was essential, and I became focused on making that happen. Five days into 2014, I discovered that “something better” was called Arbonne.


My long-time friend, Cassandra O’Brien, was bold enough to ask me to look at this business, and I’m so grateful she did. She painted an incredible vision of what Arbonne was doing for her life and what it could do for mine. A business that allowed me to live authentically, make my own money, and do good things for others, all rolled into one. I thought it was too good to be true, so I did my research and ended up on Skype with the incredible Caroline McFarlan in the UK. I realised I didn’t have time in my life for hobby money, but I did have time to work hard in order to earn CEO money, and the only difference between me and the top income earners was that they had said yes and turned the key. So I turned it, too.

Jumping right in, I spoke to my dream team first without assuming I knew anything about anyone and what they wanted for their lives, how life was panning out for them, or what they thought of me. People all over the world are wishing that someone like you with something like this will come into their lives. Be brave. You change for the better in this business, so remain strong for who you need to be and what you need to do to reach the next level; give back; shine bright; and live your dreams.


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Today, my business is booming, and it’s enabled my fiancé, Ben, and I to step out of our traditional business and understand the beauty of the word abundance. Starting with my own white Mercedes-Benz, surprise roses at my doorstep, and jewellery, this company is so incredibly generous, and I cannot wait for Nation and the complete freedom I know is around the corner. Ben has just joined my business, and we are writing our scary and exciting life lists and actually ticking things off. We are finding new challenges, booking trips around the world, and have the luxury of time freedom. I love what I do, and I love helping other people achieve the same thing.

Now, my dreams are even bigger because Arbonne is a safe place to grow. I’m able to find myself as an artist again, and now I’m planning to exhibit all over the world. I’m not letting old fears and limiting beliefs hold me back anymore. The stresses of my old life are falling away fast. People used to say I was generous to a fault, but now that generosity is changing lives. And there’s still so much for me to do! My team is growing throughout regional Australia and around the world, into communities where there are men and women who have the heart and desire to achieve and succeed but have never been given a platform to do so. We’re helping others create their life by design and live happy. Happy people change households, happy households change entire communities, and happy communities change the world.


Cass, Leona, and Caroline: You are all pinnacles of professionalism that I often look to as measures, that one day I might possess half as much grace as you incredible leaders. I appreciate every ounce of support and guidance you’ve offered along the way, and I’m so looking forward to holidays in Maui with you all!

To my beautiful team running towards their dreams with such heart and loving every minute of this journey: Thank you for saying yes. It’s your time to shine! I can feel the energy in the air, and you’re all inspiring so many in your beautiful teams and beyond. I feel so blessed to count you among my closest friends. I believe in you and thank you for believing in me.

Ben Waters, my fellow daydream believer: Get your sunnies out, for our future is only getting brighter. Thank you for eight years of loving, sharing and growing so much together. I’m so excited to be doing life with you. This is just the beginning. I love you and am so, so, proud of you!

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“Embrace the growth within yourself and others and grow strong together!”

Declare the best version of yourself, the best version of your life, and create it in your mind like a masterpiece.
Build your business like a painting — layer by layer, stroke by stroke — and soon enough the picture in your mind will be real in front of you!


*In Arbonne, sponsoring means to introduce and support someone to the products and/or business opportunity and Regional Vice President is a level reached within the business. To find out more about how this works, watch my Discover Arbonne YouTube video that explains the business model, or get in touch with me personally here. Please consider this information in conjunction with the Independent Consultant Success Summary for your country.


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