BEAUTY SCHOOL GRADUATE :: The Catwalk Face Makeup How To

samantha clark creative makeup artistry portfolio 1




abstract catwalk makeup face chart beauty school


BASE: Air Brushed Foundation
EYES: Face Paint
HAIR: Cable/Zip Ties

#donttrythisathome 😉

"We are not afraid to be a bit different, to make shades that are bold." 
- Francois Nars

This week's process and results of my Creative Makeup Assessments from Beauty School is the CATWALK LOOK - abstract, painterly effect makeup on a perfect base with a high-tie (zip tie that is!) pony tail not for the faint-hearted - modeled by Annabelle who was so strikingly perfect for this look. (Thank you gorgeous x)



Think a Romance Was Born or Jean Paul Gaultier runway of dreams and extremes. I was later introduced to the artistic work of Alex Box who has created similar looks (and I might just be slightly obsessed with her now)! 



catwalk makeup beauty school cable tie mohawk








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