BEAUTY SCHOOL GRADUATE :: Twiggy 60’s Makeup & Bardot Hair

twiggy 60s makeup bardot hair





BASE: Arbonne Liquid Foundations
EYES: Black Gel Liner for wings and drawn-on lashes
HAIR: Wand curls, va-va-volume and finished with a bow


This week's process and results of my Creative Makeup Assessments from Beauty School is the PERIOD MAKEUP LOOK and I went for Twiggy 60's with Bardot hair - it’s all big black doe eyes and barely-there matte skin with big bouncy hair, bows and a look of wonder. Modeled by the lovely Sophie who thoroughly enjoyed being a dolly for the day 😉 

“The sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary things . . . !” -- Twiggy



Think a Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot lovechild smoking a long cigarette in Andy Warhol’s studio. Big hair, big eyes, lots of black eyeliner, drawn on lashes and a bow.








beauty school twiggy 60s makeup




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