The Ultimate Guide To Creating Light, Bright, And Spacious Interiors

Nothing is more comfortable in the heat of the summer than a light, bright and spacious style interior. Happily, this is a look that isn't too hard to achieve without any professional help, especially if you follow the tips and tactics you'll find in my post below.



Colour is an essential part of achieving this look, and shade and tones should be limited to ones that reflect light effectively. What this means is that you should be using primarily white, and bright hues that enhance the light level in a room rather than mute or absorb it. Something that you can read more about at

Don't feel like you have to limit this colour chose to just the way either. In fact, by carrying through the shades and tone you have picked into the furniture, soft furnishings, and decoration as well, you can quickly create the illusion that a is larger and more spacious than it truly is.

Maintain your colour theme throughout the room to give it a sense of space.




Some of you may be blessed with huge spaces in which to create this look, however many of you won't, and that is OK too.  In fact, you can use some clever little tricks and tips to make the room you are decorating look and feel bigger than it is in real life.

One such trick is to position mirrors in the space cleverly. These reflect light and also give the illusion of additional room so can open up an area that feels tight and claustrophobic.

It is also essential to set up a flow of air in this type of space to get it to feel right. This is something that can easily be achieved by allowing a draft in via windows, or if there are no windows in the right area of the room, or they are not effective enough why not consult a company like that can install an air conditioning unit for you instead? Then you can achieve a breeze that will make your space seem spacious no matter what the layout of the room.




Light in this style of room is also something that is essential to pulling it off successfully. Natural light is always preferable to artificial, and that means leaving windows unblocked so the sun rays can filter uninhabited into the space. You can even consider using things like a solar tube if the room is lacking in natural light.

Although, do not forget that many electric light sources offer readily controllable light levels and types that can mimic the natural rays of the sun. In fact, installing dimmable lights in such a space can be a great way of achieving the perfect feel no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Also, by adding in uplights and spotlights, you can get rid of any dark corners or sections of the room and make it feel light and bright all of the time. Something that will help you to create a light, bright and spacious feeling room that you will want to spend as much time in as possible.


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